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The most natural artificial grass.
Thanks to innovations inspired by nature, Royal Grass® is barely distinguishable from real grass.

Thanks to our carefully selected raw materials, you’ll enjoy your lawn for years.

9-15-year warranty
High-quality raw materials and technologies ensure that the artificial grass stays beautiful for years.


About Royal Grass®

“Seductively beautiful artificial grass, which resembles real grass to perfection.”

Royal Grass® has been producing artificial grass that resembles real grass in every detail since 2003. With a diverse collection from lush grass that should be cut, to short manicured grass that the summer sun has shone on, we have a suitable product for every garden.

With Royal Grass®, you invest in your own garden happiness and enjoy a beautiful green oasis every day carefree!

Visit one of our show gardens and experience, feel and experience for yourself how naturally beautiful Royal Grass® is.

The Royal Grass® Collection

Discover Royal Grass®’s lusciously beautiful artificial grass.

Our grass innovations

Read more about the technologies behind Royal Grass®.


REBel   REBel Backing Royal Grass

The backing consists  of the same plastic as the artificial grass fibres, which makes the artificial grass 100% recyclable.

REBel Backing 100% recyclebaar | Royal Grass



The patented V-Shape and reinforcing spine of the blade of grass provides more resilience, so that the grass stays upright.



Sometimes you will find a sun-tanned blade of grass between the lawn for a natural summer look.



Just like natural grass, every blade of grass has its own ‘growth direction’, which brings our artificial grass to life.



Microscopic veins on the blade of grass provide a natural matte look.

See, feel and experience Royal Grass®!

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