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Is artificial turf permeable to water?

A frequently asked question about Royal Grass® artificial turf is: ‘Is artificial turf permeable to water?’

The answer is: ‘Yes! Artificial turf is indeed permeable to water.’

Artificial grass is permeable to water

Our artificial turf is manufactured to have good drainage capabilities. On average, Royal Grass® artificial turf allows a maximum of about 60 liters of water per square meter per minute to pass through.

Royal Grass® artificial turf is equipped with holes in the backing that allow water to drain away, preventing it from pooling on the lawn.

However, it is crucial that the artificial turf is installed correctly. For instance, the sub-base beneath the artificial turf needs to be well-constructed and permeable to water. If water cannot drain away or is not properly directed, it may become trapped between the artificial turf and the sub-base, leading to puddles and possible wrinkling of the lawn.

What to consider during the installation of artificial turf?

It is important to pay attention to the following aspects when installing artificial turf:

  • A suitable surface.
  • Well-functioning drainage.
  • Paving that does not drain into the lawn.
  • Installing the artificial grass correctly.
  • Sufficient infill sand.

Royal Grass artificial grass allows a maximum of 60 liters of water per m2 per minute to pass through


Regen en wateroverlast Royal Grass kunstgras | Royal Grass

Can artificial grass be flooded?

While artificial turf is permeable to water, it may, in some cases, become submerged. This can occur due to heavy rainfall or a poorly constructed sub-base, preventing water from draining quickly enough. Keep in mind that artificial turf is designed to dry quickly, even after prolonged submersion. The artificial turf will not be affected by the water and will retain its original shape and quality once it is dry again.

Prevent flooding

We recommend having your Royal Grass® lawn installed by an authorized Royal Grass installer. They take extensive measures during installation to ensure proper drainage. If the natural sub-base is not permeable to water, our installers can pour a new sub-base using materials such as sand, granulate, or stabilizer. They can also establish an effective drainage system beneath the lawn.


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