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Recycling old Royal Grass artificial grass into new artificial grass!

Circular Artificial Grass

Continuously innovating and working towards a sustainable future is of utmost importance to Royal Grass.

With great pride, we can now announce that tests conducted by the University of Ghent, Centre for Textile Science and Engineering, have shown that using our recycled product with REBel® backing as a raw material for creating new artificial grass does not compromise the quality of the materials or the new grass itself.

This means we can confidently recycle old Royal Grass artificial grass into new products, making our offerings truly circular.

“We faced the challenge of recycling our ‘artificial grass waste’ into high-quality Royal Grass!”

Royal Grass kunstgras circulair

Simple Recycling Process

We consciously choose materials from the same plastic family.

We deliberately combine polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), which belong to the same plastic family, as the raw materials for our artificial grass. These materials ensure that our products have a natural look and feel without compromising the high quality and durability that we are known for. To simplify the recycling process of our products, we have developed our innovative REBel® backing, which is also entirely made out of PP. This simplifies the recycling process because our products consist of plastic from the same family.

Takeback Program

Since 2018, we have established various artificial grass collection points in the Netherlands and Belgium to collect aged and especially Royal Grass offcuts. In collaboration with an artificial grass recycling company, the collected artificial grass with latex backing will be recycled into new products, such as picnic tables and picket poles.

We have also been contributing to a more sustainable future through this initiative. However, the real challenge for us was to create new artificial grass from our artificial grass waste. This led to the development of the REBel® backing and we started to collect Royal Grass with this backing separately so that we could process it into new raw materials with a sister company of Royal Grass.


“We are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future with the circularity of our products.”

Royal Grass artificial grass is proven to be circular

We can rightfully claim to be circular. The University of Ghent was asked to ensure the quality of our grass by testing the regranulate, the raw material made from recycled artificial grass.

The University of Ghent conducted tests on the fragility, elasticity, and density of the raw materials, among other things. The tests concluded that the raw materials made from recycled Royal Grass with REBel® backing, are just as strong as our original raw materials. This means that we can confidently recycle our artificial grass (with REBel® backing) and process it into new raw materials for the production of ‘new’ artificial grass, without compromising the quality that our customers expect from us.

We are pleased that the circularity of our products contributes to a more sustainable future. At Royal Grass, we continue to work towards optimizing and making our products & processes more sustainable.

Circulair kunstgras Royal Grass | Circulariteit

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