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Can moles get under artificial grass?

Can moles get under artificial grass?

“I have problems with moles in my natural grass. If I replace this with artificial grass, can moles still come underneath?” Moles don’t like artificial grass and won’t seek it out. Moles are attracted to worms and other food usually found in the soil. If artificial grass is laid on a specially prepared base, this food source is eliminated, and moles are less likely to frequent your lawn.

However, if there is a mole present in the old natural grass and the mole is not removed before the artificial grass is installed, it can cause a lot of damage. The mole ultimately wants to surface and will dig under the artificial grass, causing depressions.

We are not mole experts, and we do not know how a mole finds its way underground. Suppose the field next to your house contains many moles. Could a mole get lost and end up in your lawn? To avoid having to answer this question, we recommend taking precautions and installing a mole mesh under the artificial grass. Prevention is better than cure!

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