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6 tips for maintenance of artificial grass

Maintaining Royal Grass® artificial grass is important to keep your lawn beautiful for as long as possible. Here are 6 maintenance tips from the Royal Grass® expert:

Maintenance tip 1
Brush the artificial grass regularly

Despite the fact that all Royal Grass® artificial grass products are equipped with a V-Shape®, which keeps the blade of grass upright for longer, the blades of grass will still droop or lie down over time. We recommend brushing the lawn at least once a year to “shake up” the artificial grass again. By lightly brushing the lawn with a hard broom, you can give your artificial grass lawn its old resilience back.

Tip from the Royal Grass® expert: “Brush the grass at a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and brush it against the direction of the pile”

Maintenance tip 2
Remove leaves and branches

To prevent weeds from growing between the artificial grass, it is important to remove leaves and branches regularly. With a hard broom, rake or leaf blower you can easily and quickly sweep or blow the leaves from the lawn.

Maintenance tip 3
Remove weeds

With artificial grass you have much less problems with weeds than with natural grass. However, it is possible that occasionally some weeds have started to grow between the artificial grass. To keep your lawn beautiful, it is important to remove the weeds.

The weeds that grow between the artificial grass are often easy to remove by hand. Underneath Royal Grass® lies geotextile, which is root-resistant, so that the roots cannot take hold.

Is it not possible to remove the weeds by hand or do you suffer from a relatively large amount of weeds? Then you can also use a weed killer. Ask your dealer or the store which weed killer you can use.

Tip from the Royal Grass® expert: “Always use a biological agent and test it beforehand on a small (residual) piece to see if the artificial grass does not discolour”.


Maintenance tip 4
Remove weeds en algae

The chance that moss and/ or algae occur on your artificial grass is very slim. If moss and/ or algae found a way to grow between the artificial grass, they can be picked from the lawn.

Is it not possible to pick the mosses or algae from the artificial grass? Then use an environmentally friendly pesticide and no bleach. In addition to the color and quality of the artificial grass, bleach also damages the environment.

Onderhouden kunstgras | verwijderen uitwerpselen huisdier | Royal Grass®

Maintenance tip 5
Remove urine and feces

It is not a problem if your pet has defecated on artificial grass. It is important to remove this quickly and clean the area to prevent odors and mold.

How do you remove urine and feces from the artificial grass?
Remove the feces from the artificial grass with a bag or container. It is important to rinse the area thoroughly with water afterward, to make sure that everything is really clean and gone.
If there is urine on the artificial grass, it is important to rinse the area thoroughly with water. To neutralize the urine smell, it is best to rinse the spot with plenty of lukewarm water.

Tip from the Royal Grass® expert: “To neutralize the smell, you can also mix water with all-purpose cleaner or fabric softener. Something that smells nice!”.


Maintenance tip 6
Avoid contact with acids, paint and glue

Artificial grass is made of plastic and if plastic comes into contact with acids, paint or glue, the product will be affected. Therefore, avoid contact with these products to prevent the lawn from discoloring or withering.

What should I do if I do have damage due to acids, paint or glue?
In case of damage, get in touch with your installer or dealer for a suitable solution. Our advice is to store a piece of cutting waste (from when the artificial grass was installed), so that it can always be used to repair any damage to the artificial grass. NB! Please keep in mind that you will always see that a ‘new’ piece of artificial grass has been installed.

Kunstgras | Royal Grass®

With these tips, you should certainly be able to maintain your artificial grass so that you can enjoy an extra beautiful lawn for years to come! Do you have a question about maintaining artificial grass? Get in touch with the nearest dealer in your area.


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