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Years of experience Royal Grass® artificial grass has almost 20 years of experience in the development and production of artificial grass. We’ve been producing our artificial grass in the Netherlands since 2003 and work continuously to develop and test innovative technologies to make our artificial grass look even more like natural grass. Royal Grass® Academy We firmly believe that installing our artificial grass correctly contributes to the quality of the product. The Royal Grass® Academy was set up accordingly to offer horticulturists and other garden professionals various services and training. In particular, we offer sales training and installation training on-site or at a dealer near you. For more information, contact Take Back program Royal Grass® artificial grass is 100% recyclable! We consider it an important social responsibility to be able to guarantee that our artificial grass doesn’t end up in the ever-growing plastic waste mountain. That is why we’re the first artificial grass manufacturer in the Netherlands to have set up a Take Back program, through which we collect obsolete artificial grass and cutting waste from Royal Grass® to then recycle it. View our collection points here.


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