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How to use: Geotextile

Royal Grass geotextile

Pressure-distributing underlay

Why should geotextile be placed under artificial turf?

The geotextile serves as a protective layer between the subbase and the artificial turf and also offers a range of benefits:

  • Protection of the subbase.


During installation, the geotextile prevents direct damage to the subbase when the artificial turf is moved or shifted. By forming a solid barrier, the geotextile minimizes friction and wear between the artificial turf and the subbase. This keeps both the artificial turf and the subbase protected, and the underlay maintains its quality throughout the installation process.

  • Pressure distribution function

The geotextile helps distribute the load on the subbase more evenly, thereby preventing sinking and depressions beneath the artificial turf and also preventing the artificial turf from wrinkling. Thanks to this supportive function, the artificial turf surface remains stable and flat, contributing to a durable and aesthetically pleasing end result.

  • Drainage function

Thanks to its permeable structure, geotextile has excellent drainage function. Rainwater, irrigation water, or other moisture that reaches the artificial turf passes through the turf and reaches the underlying geotextile. The geotextile evenly distributes the water and quickly directs it to the subbase, preventing water accumulation in one area, resulting in a beautiful and smooth lawn without wrinkles.

Geotextiel leggen | Royal Grass

What should I consider when ordering geotextile?

It’s essential to always use geotextile under artificial turf and not root cloth. These two are very different, with root cloth tending to fold easily, resulting in visible unevenness in the lawn.

We strongly recommend using Royal Grass Geotextile (available through all Royal Grass dealers) when working with Royal Grass artificial turf products. From our experience, we know that Royal Grass Geotextile works best in combination with our products in terms of quality and functionality.

If you choose to use a different geotextile, make sure it is a thinner geotextile with at least 100 grams per square meter. This way, you ensure good support and protection for the artificial turf, resulting in a beautiful and smooth lawn.

How much geotextile do I need for my project?

The number of square meters corresponds to the number of square meters of artificial turf that needs to be installed.

Where can I order Royal Grass geotextile?

Geotextiles from Royal Grass are available through all Royal Grass dealers. Contact your nearest Royal Grass dealer and place your order.


Geotextiel voor onder kunstgras | Royal Grass kunstgras

Meest gestelde vragen

It is recommended to securely anchor the artificial grass with ground anchors and fill it with sand. The ground anchors provide additional stability for the lawn and its seams. The sand adds weight to the artificial grass, making it lie more stable.

The sand significantly increases the stability of the artificial grass, preventing the lawn from easily shifting. It also supports the artificial grass fibers, reducing the likelihood of them lying flat and extending the lifespan of the lawn. Don’t worry, the sand is not visible as the sand grains fall between the blades of grass.

We recommend infilling our products with Royal Grass Infill Sand ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm. The amount of sand depends on the product type and the fiber height of the artificial grass.

De veiligheidsnormering NEN EN-71-3 wordt normaliter gebruikt om de veiligheid van speelgoed te waarborgen. Dit betekent dat wanneer kinderen of huisdieren goederen die 100% veilig getest zijn volgens deze normering in hun mond stoppen, dit niet giftig voor hen is. Bij Royal Grass® hechten we veel waarde aan de veiligheid en niet-giftigheid van al onze producten. Daarom laten we onze producten vrijwillig testen volgens de NEN EN-71-3 normering. Alle kunstgrassen van Royal Grass zijn 100% veilig getest volgens de NEN EN-71-3 normering.


*Lees hier meer over de NEN EN-71-3 normering.


No, we work with a global network of dealers. They often have a stock of Royal Grass® products, can deliver quickly and may be able to help you with the installation of the artificial grass (this varies per dealer). Find your nearest dealer here or contact us.

Yes indeed! Royal Grass® regularly runs training courses to teach the basics of laying artificial grass. We are happy to share our knowledge and believe that proper installation contributes to the quality of our artificial grass. More information about our installation training courses or curious about the next course? Then if so, email or inquire at one of our dealers. Preview our installation video here.

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