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How to use: Quick Seam Tape

Royal Grass Quick Seam Tape

The tape for creating seam connections in artificial turf.

Why choose Royal Grass Quick Seam Tape?

Royal Grass Quick Seam Tape has been extensively tested as an adhesive for creating a strong seam bond with our artificial turf products to ensure optimal seam adhesion.

Where do you need the tape for?

The tape is mainly used to create seam joints in artificial turf. It is also useful for minor repairs and creating seams around posts, trees or other obstacles. In situations where glue is not always suitable (for example, parts that are difficult to access or too small to glue), adhesive tape offers a solution.


Naad maken kunstgras tape | Quick Seam Tape | Royal Grass

Where and how can I order the adhesive tape?

The Royal Grass Quick Seam Tape is available in lengths of 5 meters and 20 meters. The tape is available at all Royal Grass dealers. Please contact your nearest Royal Grass dealer and place your order.

Waste processing:

The waste of the sealant used is considered residual waste and can be disposed of in accordance with applicable waste disposal guidelines.

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