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Discover the Royal Grass® artificial grass collection.

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Royal Grass® Aura

A tighter and short lawn that feels wonderfully soft under the feet and colors the garden beautifully fresh green.

Royal Grass® Bliss

A tall and full summer-green lawn perfect for gardens with playing children and pets.

Royal Grass® Bloom

Enjoy a beautiful green garden where children and pets can romp around carefree.

Royal Grass® Blossom

An extremely soft lawn that looks great in any garden and gives a beautiful spring look due to its fresh green colour.

Royal Grass® Elite

A dense and lifelike lawn that has a seductive charm.

Royal Grass® Lush

Tall grass with a natural and sun-kissed summer look for a beautiful green view.

Royal Grass® Sense

An airy and playful lawn that looks excellent in ornamental gardens.

Royal Grass® Silk 35

A full and sleek lawn that fits perfectly in a garden with children playing.

Royal Grass® Seda

A classic within the Royal Grass® collection for a sleek yet playful look.

Royal Grass® Wave

Freshly cut grass that creates an airy and playful look in ornamental gardens.
Royal Grass Supreme | Royal Grass kunstgras

Royal Grass® Supreme

A short and tight lawn with a beautiful natural appearance.

Royal Grass® Silk 25

The Royal Grass® Silk 25 strikes a perfect balance between 'look' and 'feel'.

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