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Royal Grass® Lush

Tall grass with a natural and sun-kissed summer look for a beautiful green view.


High, lush, fresh green & sun-kissed

Royal Grass® Lush is a tall grass with an extra lush appearance thanks to ReaDY® technology. This means that each blade has its own “direction of growth” just like real grass. Some blades are sun-tanned, giving Royal Grass® Lush a warm and late summer look.

We think this artificial grass is perfect for:

  • roof terraces and balconies;
  • ornamental and decorative gardens;
  • green spaces in and around public buildings.

15-year product warranty

safe for children and pets

Feast for the eyes

This beautiful and natural-looking artificial grass is a feast for the eyes! The late summer and lush look comes mainly from the 42 mm high sprigs combined with ReaDY® technology. The ReaDY® technology mimics the natural growth direction of real grass. This, combined with a sun-kissed blade here and there (SunTEC®), ensures that the Royal Grass® Lush is effectively indistinguishable from real grass and accordingly looks really natural. Looking for a lawn that is fuller and taller than the Royal Grass® Lush, check out the Royal Grass® Bliss.

100% recyclable

All Royal Grass® artificial grass products are 100% recyclable. Not only do we strive to make the most beautiful artificial grass, but we also want to do our bit to reduce the world’s plastic waste. For this reason, we have set up a recycling programme. All Royal Grass® artificial grass products can be returned free of charge and will be processed into new products. Read more about us here Take Back program.

Our grass innovations

Read more about the technology behind Royal Grass®.


REBel   REBel Backing Royal Grass

The backing consists  of the same plastic as the artificial grass fibres, which makes the artificial grass 100% recyclable.

REBel Backing 100% recyclebaar | Royal Grass



The patented V-Shape and reinforcing spine of the blade of grass provides more resilience, so that the grass stays upright.



Sometimes you will find a sun-tanned blade of grass between the lawn for a natural summer look.



Just like natural grass, every blade of grass has its own ‘growth direction’, which brings our artificial grass to life.



Microscopic veins on the blade of grass provide a natural matte look.

See, feel and experience Royal Grass®!

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Practical information

Royal Grass® artificial grass can be bought from one of our dealers within our worldwide dealer network. Enter your postcode here and find the nearest dealer in your area.

No, generally not. When Royal Grass® artificial grass is properly installed, it is so strong that a dog cannot easily ruin it. Every dog is different, of course, but generally they leave the artificial grass alone. In fact, a dog will not dig into artificial grass simply because it misses the smell of fresh soil.

Yes indeed! Royal Grass® regularly runs training courses to teach the basics of laying artificial grass. We are happy to share our knowledge and believe that proper installation contributes to the quality of our artificial grass. More information about our installation training courses or curious about the next course? Then if so, email or inquire at one of our dealers. Preview our installation video here.

All Royal Grass® products are suitable for a balcony or roof terrace. However, it is important to take the height of the artificial grass into account so that the door can still be opened and closed. Complete our choice-assistance tool and find out which product suits you best! Would you rather see our artificial grass in real life? Then find a dealer here in your area.

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