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ReaDY Technology

At Royal Grass, since our establishment in 2003, we have been striving to develop the most natural and sustainable artificial grass available.

One of the technologies that has helped us make our artificial grass even more closely resemble natural grass is the ReaDY technology, introduced in 2015. ReaDY stands for Realistic Directional Yarn. In practice, this means that each fiber has its own realistic direction.

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Natural 'growth direction'

When you look closely at a natural grass field, you’ll notice that each blade of grass grows in a different direction. With the ReaDY technology, we have succeeded in giving the artificial grass fibers a natural growth direction as well.

How does the ReaDY technology work?

During the production of our artificial grass, the artificial grass fibers are processed in a way that creates a ‘natural growth direction’. This results in a natural appearance.

The full and lush look that is created, partly thanks to the ReaDY technology, brings our artificial grass ‘to life’ and naturally ensures that our artificial grass is almost indistinguishable from natural grass in terms of appearance.

Beautiful from all angles

Traditional artificial grass is often straight and tends to lean in one direction, limiting your enjoyment of a beautiful lawn to just one angle of your garden.

The ReaDY technology ensures that the artificial grass looks beautiful from all angles, as the grass blades point in all directions. This creates a more natural appearance and allows you to enjoy a stunning green lawn from various positions in your garden.

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